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Professional Organizers, Toronto and Southern Ontario

Being disorganized is frustrating and expensive.  It’s also really hard.  Our professional organizers can help you de-stress and de-clutter.  Spend time on your goals and dreams, not the stuff.  By managing space, time and clutter, we can help you get back to what matters.  We will help you identify strategies, processes, tools and structures to make it easier for you to stay organized.  You have better things to do.  Don’t live with the stress of disorganization.  Call us. 647-505-2256

 We have over 11 years experience. We can help you or your organization meet your personal or professional goals.  Our professional organizers also having training and expertise in working with individuals with ADD.  Office look like a tornado went through? Is your business faltering because you can’t stay organized?  Call us – we are here to help.  647-505-2256

We can help you clear the backlog, sort, organize and contain what’s left.  The result for you?  Less stress, less anxiety, a successful business and more time for your family and clients.   Don’t live with the stress of disorganization. Call us – let us help you regain control. 647-505-2256

Professional Organizers serving the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario since 2005.

 For Professional Organizers

Are you a new or novice professional organizer looking to kick-start your organizing career? 

Would you like to hit the ground running with your organizing career?   Carolyn offers a coaching and mentoring program for new or novice professional organizers.  This program is designed to shorten the ramp up speed for a professional organizing business or career by supporting the organizer through some of the common hurdles and pitfalls experienced in the first few years of business.

Are you an established organizer who needs help with complex client issues?

Not sure how to approach a complex situation?  Wondering what to do next to support a client goals?  Mentoring can help work through some of the tougher spots of managing an organizing career and business.

Professional Organizers tackle photographs

Are your photographs filling up your media cards and overflowing the shoe boxes? Wish you could sort them to show off your talent,  travels or your twins?  We can help turn fabulous photos into your story to share with family and friends.  Our professional organizers can help you sort the boxes and discover the treasures.  Then get ready to brag.

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