Looking for focus and productivity?

Are you seeking more focus and greater productivity?

Looking for Focus?

Coaching can be an effective strategy….

Does this sound like you?….

  • Your mind has a swirling list of things you need to get done.  But you rarely get any or all of the list done…..
  • You’ve written down more lists than you can remember – or find.  But still can’t seem to get things done or done on a timely basis….
  • You know what needs to be done but you struggle to get the priorities right……

    Coaching can support productivity

    Coaching can support get clear on priorities, goals and increasing productivity.

  • People keep telling you to “work harder, pull up your socks and just get focused”.  But no amount of hard work helps you get stuff done…..
  • You feel frustrated, discouraged, angry at both yourself and some of the rest of the world and – worse  still – you STILL can’t seem to get things done. Ugh!

Coaching can be an effective strategy for people struggling with focus and priorities.  Coaching can help you get clarity over your goals and priorities.  Sessions are typically 55 minutes, conducted over the telephone or using an online telecommunications tool and are usually recorded for the client to access again.

Change takes time.  Give yourself time to support real change.  Coaching contracts are typically for  three (3) sessions per month for a minimum of six (6) months.

Price $127.00 CAN (+HST) per session, $381.00 CAN (+HST) per month