Time Tamer Tuesday – The Organized Workout

Plan for an organized workout

We can’t manage time, but we can plan to get important things done.

An Organized Workout takes Planning

Headed for a workout in the morning?  Are you organized to workout? Whether you hit the gym, pound the pavement, or take you bike for a spin, using organization to help you get there will increase the chances of fitness happening.

Let’s face it, on a chilly March morning, it’s sometimes hard to haul out of bed and find the motivation to hit the gym right?

Since I’m not a trainer, I’ll leave the organization of the crunches and sprints to the folks with the six-pack abs and unfailing motivation techniques.  Here are some organization strategies to help you get out to that workout.

Plan Your Workout – and a Backup Plan for Weather

Whether its a run, swim, spin or walk, decide the night before. Add a backup plan for weather in case you wake up to pouring rain.  With both a plan and backup in place, there is no second guessing first thing in the morning before you’ve had chance for coffee.

Lay Out Your Gear

Lay out your gear the night before – all of it including clothes, socks, shoes, gloves, keys, phone, headphones, shower gear, work clothes and anything else you need to take.  Pack your gym bag.  Get the shoes from where you left them after your run.  Grab the travel kit with the shampoo and add to the gym bag.  When you wake up, you’ll be on autopilot until the endorphins kick in.

Set up the Playlist

I walk for fitness and like many people I have my special playlist.  In fact I have several.  So I know what it’s like to head out on your walk or run, or arrive at the gym, and realize the playlist isn’t there.  Remember how your phone memory was full, so you took it off to save room for those videos you wanted to take?  Nothing ruins a workout more than a lousy playlist or no playlist at all.  Load it up before hand and that workout will be music in your ears.  Pack the headphones.

Schedule your Workout

A dream is a wish without a schedule.  To give your fitness goals some real intention and keep that organized workout, schedule the workout into your calendar.  Morning, noon, evening, night?  That’s up to you and your schedule.  It’s much more likely to happen if you have protected the time by loading it into your calendar.

Set the Alarm

Your organized workout won’t happen if you never make it out of bed…until 30 minutes before blastoff to work time. Avoid missing your morning workout time by setting that alarm.  While you’re at it, why not use a favourite tune on your phone so you wake up to something that makes you feel good even before the endorphins get pumped up.

It’s not always easy to keep our intentions to get active and get fit.  Being organized can help.  An organized workout will set you on the path to achieving your fitness goals.

See you on the treadmill.

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