Top 3 Tips for an Organized Car

,Top 3 Tips for an Organized CarLet’s Get Organized, Car!

Welcome spring with an organized car.  With an organized car, you will be ready, to hit the road this summer!  The warmer weather and clear roads make many of us start to think about smartening up that car.  if you live in Canada, like I do, you’ve just taken off the snow tires, had the car serviced for breaks, oil and whatever else is on its schedule.  Now a car wash is on the agenda for a warm sunny weekend in April.

Once that beauty is clean and purring, what about keeping it clean and organized?  Here are the top 3 tips for you to follow to keep that and smart looking and organized car.

1. Get rid of the Garbage!

To keep your 4 wheeled baby looking beautiful, managing the garbage is key.  Nothing says, “I’m not organized” like a car full of old fast food coffee cups, bagel wrappers and other debris.  Grab a garbage bag – check through the car and load up that bag. Most of the clutter in cars is associated with garbage that just didn’t make it to the bin.  Kids can help; give them their own garbage bag for their part of the car. Next time you fill up with gas, get them to toss it in the bin.

2. Contain the Car Accessories

Put a box in the back for wandering gear – this can be as fancy as a “car gear box” available at many retailers or as simple as a cardboard box. Toss all the bits and pieces that have to stay with the car in there – cables, hitches, wrenches (for the hitches), roof rack accessories and the like.  This will accomplish two things for you and your car.  First, the car will be clutter free.  Second, you will be able to find the accessories when you need them.  Nothing kills the joy of packing for a weekend fishing trip like searching high and low for the hitch ball.

3. Clear the Glove Box

 Our winters are cold.  There were a lot of trips for coffee and tea en route to ski weekends and ski races this winter.  Our glove box gets full of random napkins and occasionally, if i’m not watching carefully, ketchup sachets and straws. Those who know me know there will be no ketchup, or any other condiment, sachets in my car.  Take only what you need for those chips and, when you are done, throw them out!.  There are lots of napkins and straws that wander into the glove box.  Get rid of the old ones and put in some fresh new ones, along with a fresh package of hand wipes for when water isn’t available.   While you are at it, use the old napkins to wipe of the console and dash of dust and winter debris.

Now the next time you and the family want to hit the road, your shiny, organized car will be waiting in the driveway.


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