How to Stay Sane and Organized for the Holidays!

Enjoy Organized Holidays

The Holidays are Coming!

Wow, how did we get here so fast? It”s almost Hallowe’en and right behind that is the Holidays.  Overwhelmed?  Totally normal.  Staying organized for the holidays is challenging and overwhelm is common for many people.

Don’t panic.  An organized holiday  schedule and plan is possible.

Stay Organized using the Breaking Down Solution

Try the breaking down solution. Do you have an overwhelming job at hand? Grab a piece of paper and pen/pencil and start writing down, in no particular order, all the small tasks that go into the larger project.

Stay Organized with Verbs

Verb up your list of To Do’s. If your children will be trick or treating, it might include: buy children costume, brainstorm costume ideas with kids, schedule trip to thrift store to buy costume pieces, buy candy, rebook meeting for Oct. 31 evening, decide on supper for Oct. 31.

Stay Organized by Ordering

Next, give a number to each task depending upon the importance and order that each needs to be done. For example, scheduling the trip to the thrift store and rebooking your appointment for the evening of Oct. 31 might need to come before brainstorming with the children.

Stay Organized by Estimating Time

Finally, estimate and assign an approximate time to each task. It doesn’t matter if the estimate is perfectly accurate it just has to be close to accurate. This will help you recognize how your time will be used by the items on your list.


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