Top 3 Tips for an Organized Car

,Let’s Get Organized, Car! Welcome spring with an organized car.  With an organized car, you will be ready, to hit the road this summer!  The warmer weather and clear roads make many of us start to think about smartening up that car.  if you live in Canada, like I do, you’ve just taken off the snow tires, had the car…

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Making Fun of Road Trips

In my part of the world, central Canada, this weekend celebrates the first of our precious, summer Long Weekends.  Victoria Day weekend is a traditional time for planting annuals, opening cottages and generally getting out and about on bikes and in cars.  So Canadians – Happy Victoria Day weekend! If you are going to be using your car this summer…

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Time Tamer Tuesday – Plan for Traffic

When planning your schedule for the day, allow time to get from one place to the next: anticipate traffic delays. 

Weigh-in Wows at the Airport

Just returned from an Ontario Sailing training camp in Miami at the US Sailing Centre.  The trip was great but the luggage is not.  We still use a super strong, two part suitcase designed to protect ski gear from air travel.  I’ve weighed the darn thing and it comes in at 10lbs before I put in a single pair of shorts….

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A Boost for the Winter

The recent car battery troubles of my neighbour, and our own car last month, gave me a chance to ponder the need for battery booster cables here in Canada.  As the car I drive often takes us out of the city and around the province, if not the country, we have booster cables that never leave the back of the…

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