Time Tamer Tuesday – 5 Steps to Time Management at the Office

Time Management, The Illusive Goal Wouldn’t it be nice to know that time management was actually possible? Do you wish you could get more done at the office? Unfortunately, despite all attempts otherwise, none of us can manage Time; that is the reality.  It continues to tick away – 24 hours in each day, 60 minutes in each hour and…

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Minutes to Plan – Time Tamer Tuesday

You are busy.  Learning how to better manage time is high on your To Do list.  You just never seem to get there. Time Can’t be Managed The reality is you can’t manage time.  It ticks away at the same pace whether you are prepared for that meeting, unprepared for that exam or running early or late to your client’s…

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Organizing with our Ears – Auditory Processing Modality

Organizing with our Ears is the second in a series on organizing using one’s processing modalities.  In 2010, Denslow Brown of Coach Approach for Organizers and Organizer Coach published The Processing Modalities Guide.  This is the second of nine modalities that Denslow addresses in the guide.  Auditory processing involves what we hear.  It includes sounds around us as well as what…

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5 Strategies For Students to Manage Time Tasks

It’s early August.  One glance at the window of any office supply store will confirm the inevitable – the new school term is just around the corner.   Like many parents, you anticipate the new school year with trepidation: back to the pressure of projects, assignments and exams but your child, the student, is not very good at managing his/her…

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Time Tamer Tuesday – Tax Tips

Categorize your tax information when you receive it.  Compiling all the data required for your tax submission will be a lot easier.