Time Tamer Tuesday – Tax Tips

Categorize your tax information when you receive it.  Compiling all the data required for your tax submission will be a lot easier. 

Time Tamer Tuesday – Save the Size

Children’s feet grow very quickly.  Next time you walk past a shoe store with your child, pop in and have his/her foot measured.  When your mom calls to say she found some great children’s shoes on sale she would love to buy for your children, you’ll know exactly what size to tell her to buy.

Time Tamer Tuesday – Lighten up on the Commitment List

Don’t over commit yourself. It’s better to do fewer things calmly and accurately. Tomorrow is another day. 

Time Tamer Tuesday – Use the Down Time

Line up to check out?  Subway slow?  Buses busy?  Keep a notebook with you so you can jot notes for other projects, thoughts, lists or activities while waiting.  Ideas often come to us while our brains are supposed to be concentrating on other things.

Time Tamer Tuesday – Plan for Traffic

When planning your schedule for the day, allow time to get from one place to the next: anticipate traffic delays.